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For the record, I washed some good mohair this past week. Used what I thought I knew to do off the top of my head. Came out stiff, sticky, ecky, yucky!!!! Thought I had ruined it. Cracked out the Kindle version of your book , found not only my mistake, but how to fix it. I now have some super soft, clean, gorgeous mohair ready to spin.

I had my doubts....but!

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What used to be a terrifying and frustrating ordeal for me is is now a standard operation in the fiber process. In fact it has now become quite enjoyable. The delightful scent of the scour soap, the excitement of lifting off the grease and dirt to see what treasures are underneath, and watching a dirty fleece dwindle down until it's all clean. Check out the book "The Art of Scouring Wool Mohair and Alpaca" by Mary Egbert. I cannot wait for the certification class!


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    Welcome to the course!

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    LESSON #1 - Scouring Fundamentals & Supplies

    • Introduction and Fundamentals of Scouring - Part 1 - Correction updated March 24, 2020

    • Introduction and Fundamentals of Scouring - Part 2 - Correction updated March 24, 2020

    • See what supplies you might need to participate with this class - 5 minutes

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    LESSON #2 - How to determine the grade of your wool

    • Wool grades - intro - 7 minutes

    • Wool grades - up close and personal - 16 minutes

    • LAB

    • Quiz me

  • 4

    LESSON #3 - See how to test for lock strength, the three ways a lock can break and some suggestions for prep.

    • Is the ping test really valid? 4 minutes

    • Fiber break in the middle - See how to test your lock and what it looks like. 4 minutes

    • Fiber break at the tip - See how to test your lock and what it looks like. 2 minutes

    • Fiber break along the entire lock. See how to test your lock and what it looks like. 4 minutes

    • LAB

    • Quiz me

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    LESSON #4 - Scouring Soaps & pH. Learn what the best scouring soaps are for your fiber

    • An indepth look at scouring soaps and which is good for which fiber and why. 16 minutes

    • This soap will totally destroy your animal protein fibers. 2 minutes

    • LAB #1

    • Learn how to use pH strips to test the pH of your scouring soaps. 7 minutes

    • LAB #2

    • Quiz me

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    LESSON #5 - All about water in the scouring process.

    • Water - PART 1 - everything you have ever wanted to know about hard water. I even show you how to do a simple test at home. 7 minutes

    • Water - PART 2 - How much? How hot? 6 minutes

    • Can water really be too hot? 4 minutes

    • LAB

    • Quiz me

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    LESSON #6 - Scouring Technique, Tulle Technique and to Pre-Soak or not to Pre-Soak

    • Scouring trains are the kings of scouring. 12 minutes

    • I show you the perfect way to scour in your shower. 6 minutes

    • How to pull locks and scour them using the tulle technique keeping them in a tidy row.

    • Pre-soak PART 1 - 8 minutes

    • Pre-soak PART 2 - 10 minutes.

    • Pre-soaking comparison. Not all pre-soaks work for every type of wool

    • See how to scour a really cruddy Lincoln to make it shine! I show you how to get the dirt out of curly tips.

    • Look at the unorthodox way I scoured this BFL. You will be shocked and amazed!

    • LAB

    • Quiz Me

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    LESSON #7 - Prepping fiber based grades, fiber and/or breaks to get the best outcome

    • Prep guide per fiber breaks and fiber grades. 16 minutes

    • prepping lock for spinning or carding - 5 minutes

    • You need a little comfort right about now

  • 9

    BONUS LESSON #8 - See how to use a Brother Triple Picker

    • How to use a Brother Triple picker on wool

    • How to use the triple picker on Mohair.

  • 10


    • Wool scouring log - An easy log to keep track of scouring so you can do it again or not do it again

    • Scouring Flow Chart - The basics of scouring in a flow chart

    • Soap Flow Chart - guide for choosing the correct soap based on wool grade

    • VM Flow Chart - A guide on how to manage vegetable matter when processing

    • And now for a cake break.

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    • FINAL EXAM - Make sure to send this exam in per the instructions to receive your prestigious scouring certificate.

    • Note

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